Starting a SIP with Top-Up- A secret to wealth creation

Friday, Sept 22 2023
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In this fast-paced world, where time is precious and financial responsibilities grow with each passing day, finding an investment approach that aligns with your life's trajectory is paramount. A game-changing approach, SIP with Top-Up ensures that your investments keep up with your changing lifestyle and protects your wealth from inflation's eroding effects.

Gone are the days of monitoring market movements and constantly adjusting your investment plans. With SIP and its automated Top-Up feature, you set out on a hands-free journey to steadily and gradually amass wealth. As your income grows, so do your investments, and with the power of compounding, your wealth multiplies effortlessly.

SIP Top-up gives anease of increasing your investments, the wisdom of regular contributions, and the extra potential of compounding growth. You can unlock the secret of building sustainable wealth and make financial independence achievable without your active participation. Let's explore further this simple yet revolutionary idea and understand certain aspects of building wealth with SIP Top-up.

1. Automation helps bring in Discipline: 

SIP Top-up is a user-friendly strategy that promotes consistent and methodical investing through automation. It assists people in developing the habit of growing investments without having to worry about market timing or frequent manual modifications. However, it's essential to have a reasonable selection of suitable mutual fund schemes based on risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial objectives. 

Being automated also brings in the discipline of increasing your investments steadily with time. Often people start SIPs and then forget about it for years together thus effectively end up saving less and less every year, both due to inflation in absolute terms and as a percentage of your income. Even from the perspective of saving consistently in ‘real-value’ terms, the increase in SIPs yearly must at least match the inflation figures and one can add more to adjust for change in income levels and living standards.

2. Enables you to build wealth faster: 

Increasing your SIPs with Top-Up facility can greatly improve growth of wealth and hasten the wealth creation journey for you along with accomplishment of financial objectives. This powerful strategy takes advantage of systematic investing, compounding, and automatic increments in savings to propel your wealth growth manifold. Let us understand the power of SIP Top-Up by comparing it with a normal SIP assuming market returns of 12%. 

Wealth Created In 10 Years In 20 Years In 30 Years
Normal /Fixed SIP of Rs.10,000 ~Rs.22.40 Lakhs ~Rs.91.99 Lakhs ~Rs.3.09 Crores
With SIP Top-Up of Rs.1,000 ~Rs.30.43 Lakhs ~Rs.1.47 Crores ~Rs.5.33 Crores
With SIP Top-Up of Rs.2,000 ~Rs.38.47 Lakhs ~Rs.2.03 Crores ~Rs.7.58 Crores

We can clearly observe that the wealth created increases by a substantial margin if we opt for a SIP Top-Up option across all horizons and more when the periods are longer with the power of compounding. 

3. Helps Achieving Financial Goals: SIP Top-Up is a useful tool for attaining your financial objectives faster once it is linked with your financial goals as compared to simple SIPs. Having a purpose-driven or goal oriented investment strategy that keeps you motivated and focused when you match and map your SIP investments with these objectives. With the benefit of compounding, even the goals that may seem to be unachievable can surprisingly look achievable if proper planning and SIP Top-Up needs are identified. Even when a simple SIP is sufficient, the Top-Up SIPs would add that extra layer of comfort and margin should anyway go wrong when the goal maturity is near. In addition, it will also take care of your increase in aspirations and living standards with time such that your goals need not be fixed.

Let us see this with an example where we have a higher education goal target amount of Rs.2 Crore, maturing after 15 years. Now assuming market returns 12%, we can see that the normal /fixed SIP amount required would be around Rs. 42,000 per month. However, if one decides to increase the SIP by Rs.5,000 every year, then the first year SIP amount required falls down drastically to around Rs. 17,000. Thus, a goal becomes more achievable with Top-up SIPs. 

Now, what would happen if the person is capable of saving say Rs.42,000 and still do a top-up of Rs.5,000 every year? In such a scenario, the wealth created after 15 years would be Rs. 3.18+ crores, giving you an extra cushion to upgrade to the best college or have a margin of safety, just in case. The original target of Rs.2 crore would have been achieved around 3 years prior to the target date.

Bottom Line 

To make the most of SIP with Top-Up, it is essential to start early, stay consistent, and invest for the long term. As a simple rule, we can think that every SIP has to be a SIP with Top-up SIP. As we have seen, the Top-Up SIPs can significantly transform the course of your financial journey by providing a simple yet efficient way of comfortably achieving your financial objectives along with discipline. 

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