When you care for your own lawn, you can end up with a pretty massive collection of tools and equipment before you can even blink. That’s why I love items like this that give you the functionality of multiple tools all in one, making it easy for you to convert between the modes. This is definitely the best combination string trimmer and edger that I’ve seen, as it does so much without taking up tons of space. Not everyone needs all the raw power of a gas motor or the roaming capacity that comes from a battery-operated trimmer, or the higher price tag that comes with either feature.

The Remington RM25S is a straight shaft gas string trimmer that features an easy start engine. It comes with a quick-change head to switch between blade and bump head. The RM25S has a 25cc 2 cycle engine and includes a 5-position adjustable handle for maximum comfort. You can convert from trimming to bumping by simply changing the head of the trimmer. This model also features Quick Start technology that’s designed for smoother and easier pull starts. Poulan Pro managed to invent the best gasoline grass trimmer model among all the cheap gas weed eaters.

Best Gas Weed Eater For Your Backyard In 2021

Read them thoroughly, and you’ll be able to choose the best gas weed eater for your purposes without problems. Before you buy any string trimmer, look at the cutting head, where it meets the shaft of the trimmer. If there’s a large gap, be warned that tall grass will probably get wrapped around the shaft in that spot.

With the addition of its low emission, 26-cc two-cycle engine, the trimmer is also a bit more environmentally-friendly. With 1 horsepower, it is powerful enough to cut down big weeds with ease. While most users find that the trimmer is lightweight and comfortable to use, others found that its straight shaft caused fatigue after using the trimmer for some time. However, the product does come with a harness that should be used to evenly distribute the machine’s weight. The New Weed Eater FX26SCE is very lightweight and is powerful enough for residential use. While commercial users will want something a little more accommodating, this model is packed with enough power to do moderate trimming in any yard.


The gas trimmer is a bit longer in size as compared to the others. Blades induced in the trimmer are very sharp that makes grass trimming super fast. You don’t have to worry about any undersized wiring shield, if any present in the lawn. Mostly the parts are made up of loose plastics as observed by some customers.

Four-cycle engines run on gasoline alone, negating the need to mix fuel and oil but are heavier overall and require regular oil changes. Huyosen offers an innovative tool, which has many features that are perfect for people who have never used the trimmer before. Its dimensions are 39.75 x 10.25 x 10 inches, so it doesn’t take a lot of space to store it.

We also felt that it used up the line quickly and was occasionally hard to start. On the off chance you’re going for a bulkier model, best rated gas weed eater make sure to get something with a sturdy shoulder strap. You don’t want to be carrying all that weight with your arms alone.

If so, you’ve clicked through to the right article because all weed whackers are not created equally and we’ve done the research for you. It is easy to start the device because all you need to do is to pull the start string. So, you do not need to worry about a complicated setup or maintenance of the tool. Also, once you finish trimming your garden, the gadget’s auto-return option will automatically reset it. The next moment you lift the device, you need to press the start button, and the tool will start running immediately.

If the section of lawn is very small, a string trimmer will work very nicely as a grass trimmer as well. With a straight and balanced shaft, the GM23000 makes it easy to trim any sized yard. One of the great things about this trimmer is that it’s comfortable to use. Some gas-powered trimmers can be extra heavy, which makes trimming a hassle. Weighing in at just 9.3 pounds, this trimmer is easy for any sized person to use – even for a big trimming job.

Yet, because the wheels take all of the weight, the SOWST4317 is very easy to use. You will not have to mix oil and gas to run this commercial weed eater. It also prevents the user from accidentally stepping on the spinning line. These weed wackers chop through thick and stubborn grass in a matter of minutes.

But it was still very easy to manage due to its nice balance and the addition of a telescoping shaft and a quick adjustment on the handle . These two features make it possible to customize the ergonomics of the Ego to a wide variety of body heights and types, something we’ve never really seen on these larger trimmers. The quick handle adjust also makes it easy to change the grip, if you use the trimmer as an edger.

All the string trimmers include a warranty for commercial and consumer, with the exception of one. Husqvarna – Lightest at 12.3 lbs.Weight is important with string trimmers because you’re literally holding all that weight in your two hands. The more weight and more time, the more fatigued you’ll be at the end of the day. The main downside of cordless weed eaters is the fact that batteries eventually run out.

Even though many cordless weed eaters come with swappable, high capacity batteries, it can still be a chore to keep batteries charged. Plug-in weed eaters, however, give you the same performance of an electric motor with the constant supply of electricity you can plug into any outlet. The larger the cutting width, the less time it will take to cut down large amounts of grass and tall weeds. The smaller the cutting width, the more time it will take to get the same job done. That said, many properties aren’t large enough to really need a massive cutting width like 18-inches wide.

This Poulan Pro model is one of the most affordable yet quality gadgets available on the market. The device is lightweight and easy to operate so that it can be a good match for those who haven’t used such equipment before. What is more, you have the freedom to set the handle in the position you want.

It works with other Craftsman trimmer attachments, which are not included. The cutting width of a gas string trimmer refers to the total width the rotating string can reach when the trimmer is being used. Standard gas string trimmers will have a cutting width of about 16 to 18 inches. It combines the compact design of a home-use tool and the heavy-duty sturdiness of a commercial instrument. The weight of the device is just 10 lbs, while the motor power is 21.2cc. It’s equipped with a patented i-30 starting technology, which makes it significantly easier to start.

The Wild Badger Power WBP31BCF Straight Shaft Trimmer features a 31cc 4-cycle engine that provides users with a 17-inch cutting path. The four cycles engine uses straight gasoline and does not require you to mix any fuel. It also includes a string trimmer head and a blade head for different types of trimming applications. Featuring a 17-inch cutting swath and a dual-line bump head, this Troy-Bilt TB22 gas weed eater weighs just 15 lbs and gets its power from a 25 cc 2-stroke gasoline engine.

Aside from a motor that produces decent torque, its string head is wound with a good quality twisted .095 line–stout stuff, we learned. Rewinding that line is simplified by a crank that the company provides with the trimmer. Slip the gadget over the bump feed button on the bottom of the line head and crank it. The machine’s light weight makes it easy to handle and is achieved in part due to a carbon fiber tube that houses the drive shaft–the only trimmer so equipped.

Backed with a SureFire engine, this is definitely a quality trimmer that is built to last. This 25cc 2-cycle engine allows for easy trimming and provides enough power for even tougher foliage. Generally, if you are on a tight budget a two-stroke weed eater will probably give more bang for your buck at lower prices.

The New Weed Eater FX26SCE combines power, a curved shaft, and a 16-inch cutting path to allow users to quickly cut through the foliage with ease. There are no cords or restrictions with this trimmer as it is being gas-powered and a clear fuel tank allows users to add fuel before it runs low. The Green Machine GM23000 is a cordless gas trimmer with a powerful 26cc dual cycle engine that can take on even the toughest of weeds.

And, again, this Husqvarna 4 stroke gas string weed eater is our top choice when it comes to an all-around best gas weed eater. However, achieving such a look requires the right tool for trimming your compound. In this article, I have provided the seven gas weed trimmer reviews so that you could choose the best equipment to keep your lawn neat and know how to use such tools. You have to combine two-cycle oil with unleaded gas to operate the device.

You can easily start the string trimmer with just 2 drag steps. The machine will operate smoothly, with less noise and vibration – avoiding operator fatigue. However, when you want a little more control and ease of use over your trimming, then you’re going to want a model with a curved shaft.

Furthermore, you’ll find that other trimmers have variable speeds which can be adjusted depending on what you are cutting. You start the machine effortlessly thanks to the i-30 start-up system. The adjustable handle and 48-inch curved shaft make every movement of the machine easy to stay under control. The major benefit of a gas-powered “weed wacker” like this is that you get a huge amount of power, since they feature serious motors that can really bring a lot of force to your tasks. This model in particular has a 28cc engine, which is about half the power you would see on a small dirt bike. It also takes a thicker gauge of string, which is mostly possible because of the strong metal design and the fact that the engine is powerful enough to handle the heavier material.

I’ve already taught my new neighbor how to master his tool as gas string trimmer reviews never tell about it, so many users face frustration and work slower than they actually can. Here are the rules that I follow to use my wacker effectively. This brutal weed eater is equipped with a powerful 42.7cc 2-stroke power unit and an extra-long 62.2” straight shaft.

SmartStart® technology ensures the Husqvarna weed eater turns on quickly with minimal effort. With a LowVib design, the 525L has rubber insulation in the handle and vibration dampeners in the chassis, delivering the lowest vibration levels in its class. The two-line bump feed system has an incredible cutting width of 18” to make quick work of commercial jobs or large yards. The Remington RM25C is one of the most economical weed eater machines on our list, making it one of the best models for smaller yards.

Having been in business for nearly a century now, they are well known for bringing a lighter weight gas generator to the market. Their chainsaws are perhaps the most well-known of their power tools, however, they offer a line of string trimmers which includes 4-different models. There are three main types of head-feeding systems for string trimmers–bump-feed, automatic feed, and fixed-line systems. With a bump feed trimmer, you simply bump the trimmer head on the ground to activate a spring-loaded mechanism. This feeds out a new length of the line from the coil inside the head as necessary throughout the job.

  • The purge lets you pour some fresh fuel into the carburetor.
  • Furthermore, we determine fuel efficiency, tank runtime, time-work testing, and of course, price and warranty.
  • The shaft of the trimmer can either be completely straight or curved.
  • Trimming and edging your yard cuts the grass that a lawn mower can’t reach, giving your yard a clean and uniform cut.
  • We also determine a “Value” which is more of a bang-for-your-buck calculation.
  • And weighing just 10 lbs., this gas weed eater is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.
  • Also, I love this equipment because it has a translucent fuel tank that gives you full control over the machine.
  • The Tanaka TBC-255PF is similar to the TBC-230, but is far more powerful.
  • Apart from the products, we have also listed factors you need to consider when shopping for the best gas-powered trimmer, together with some of the most frequently asked questions.
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  • Shaft length has a direct impact on weight distribution, clipping disposal, and maneuverability.
  • For extra tough grass and commercial-grade jobs, the CRAFTSMAN CMXGTAMD30SA might be the best choice.

Battery-powered string trimmers tend to have less power than gas-powered trimmers. Weed wackers that are made to be used in a commercial sense don’t tend to have this feature as they are much more specifically designed. However, to make tools more convenient to domestic users, manufacturers create weed eaters that can be converted into a sweeper, blower, saw, and many other things. Depending on what you wish to achieve, you may be able to make use of any of these attachments. Typically, you will find that a gas weed wacker operates using either a two-cycle or a four-cycle engine.

It weighs about 18 pounds, including all the additional equipment parts. Finally, to confirm our findings, we’ve spent years using our picks and other leading contenders for our day-to-day string trimming needs at a variety of properties. One of the best features is the highly-effective anti-vibration technology.

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